My Journey

It is very dramatic when i think of where i am today, following the footsteps of the legend Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao garu, who was a great inspiration. Having been brought up in a remote village called Thimmarajupalli near Kadapa district, i grew up very close to the mother nature which greatly altered my thought process and the way i see the world today. My dream to become a director was a result of all the hard struggle i have been through from organising dramas in my home town to doing all the script work.
My journey towards the Telugu movie industry started in 1999 when i first moved to Hyderabad, with a burning passion to become a Movie director. Having worked with a lot of Mythological serials, helped me build a close association with blue and green mat works long before they turned popular. I have also worked as an Associate Director for few Telugu movies and also directing various advertisements in the Telugu media industry.